Muddling through a December 26 world

26 Dec

Today the World is beginning to take down the signs that it had slowed down to celebrate the coming of the Savior. Today (or sometime later this week) the world is beginning to go back to a “normal” work world. Within a few weeks at the most, the vestiges of Christmas will be gone from collective psyche of the world, and we will return to our regular lives. From a capitalistic standpoint of maximizing production, that may be a good thing, I suppose. And while humans certainly could not live their entire existence under the frenzied pace of a week around Christmas, there is also the fact that we are returning to a culture that cares little for God, His gift, or His presence among us.

My sister and my cousin, I believe, were recently having a conversation about when it was appropriate to start playing Christmas music. I stated recently that the power of music is a part of the Christmas phenomena in this country, but I don’t think that is the biggest frustration I have. I am willing to listen to Christmas music year round. I think the bigger issue I have is that people are ready to abandon Christmas music after their Christmas dinner is over on the 25th. Not really the music, as even my godly friend Joshua Austin has questionable choices in music preferences. The fact is people are so ready to move on from Christmas easily and move into a New Year’s mindset. And a New Year’s mindset usually is to leave behind everything and go to a new beginning.

To me, that is a sad way to live. It might be more redemptive if we had our “new year” and then began with our celebration of Christmas. If a month of feeling Peace on Earth and Good Will toward Men started our year, would that be more powerful as a new beginning? Wherever that digression may take you, I do become saddened that we are so quick culturally to divest ourselves of the Christmas Spirit. Unfortunately, this is the attitude most of us take with us into New Years and beyond. We live in a post-Christmas world.

I see many places that assert to keep Christ in Christmas. Certainly this is a sentiment I applaud, but I can’t help but notice these same places “drop Christ” after Christmas. I say we need to keep Christ throughout the year. As the Sesame Street characters sang at our visit to Sea World last week to Keep Christmas with you all through the year. We must keep Christ with us throughout our lives if He is to be any benefit to us at all.

Christ came to the world and we are currently awaiting the Consummation of the Establishing of His Kingdom here on earth! That needs to keep us looking forward more than anything. So, as I look at a December 26 world, I think we need to be just as vigilant to spread the good news. We don’t live in a post-Christ world, but rather one that needs Christ as much as ever. Our efforts need to be just as thorough and our mission just as clear. Christ is come and while the world may be ready to turn its back on Him, I am ready to make my new beginning of New Year’s to become more heedful than ever to the cause of Christ. Anyone with me?


3 Responses to “Muddling through a December 26 world”

  1. Jenni March 5, 2012 at 6:31 am #

    I'm with you. 🙂

  2. AskThePhatMan March 5, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    Wow. It only took two and a half months, but I now have one person with me!

  3. Jenni March 9, 2012 at 6:06 am #

    Well, at least we are both in good company.

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