Time Marches On

21 Jan

Yesterday I spoke with an elementary principal about how prepared Emily was to go to Kindergarten. It seems as if yesterday she was being born and adding to our little family, and now she tests at least seven months ahead of where she should be as an excellent candidate to enter kindergarten (or possibly skip ahead to first grade). She’s also taken it upon herself to start to teach Julia things about what it takes to be a big girl.

Tomorrow Kelly turns 35. I remember when she was less than half that age and we thought 35 was nothing but a far-off obscurity we may never reach. While those who know me, know that I am much older, slower in movement, quicker to grow weary, incapable of doing as many things, and just generally more aged. Those who know Kelly know that she looks, think, and moves just as nimbly as she did when I met her 20 years ago.

Jacob is now more than halfway through his first year at a full-time school. This week he participated in his first Bible quiz ever where he was recognized as the highest quizzer. He has established himself as the best quizzer in the school this year, so that third graders are asking if he can be promoted to third grade right now (their teams are based on the grade everyone is in). I remember when he was in his first quiz ever and was intimidated by being the smallest person. He has grown and though some say he looks like me, he is certainly getting to be a bigger version of that.

Earlier this week, Julia woke up talkative and slightly bossy. This is relatively normal for a three year old girl, but I can remember a time where we wondered if she would ever talk. Then we wondered if she would ever really stand up to her older siblings, particularly Emily. As our youngest who now walks when we go to Sea World, I remember going when Kelly was pregnant with Julia and none of our kids walked.

This week was not that special of a week really. There was not a lot of change. Not much occurred that was signifying any big change. Yet, there were these signs showing me that time marches on. We celebrated a New Year earlier this month. The holiday is really only about the passage of time. What separates it from other days? Nothing really, except that it is a time specifically set aside to recognize the passage of time. This week, I sat aside and watched the fact that my family is growing up. I’m excited and yet sorrowful. I purpose to be present for as much time as I can, so as Time Marches On, I will be marching right beside it!


One Response to “Time Marches On”

  1. Jenni May 7, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    Time's steady march affects me big time. I remember all of your children as babies and you and Kelly as newlyweds and before that college students… I want to watch Driving Miss Daisy now so I can have a good, long cry. This was a really good post.

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