Isn’t Love Wonderful?

27 Jan

A while back I marveled at how much I am in love with my wife. I recognize that in today’s world many people are merely infatuated with the idea of being in love. Yet, somehow despite my foibles and shortcomings, I was gifted a wife who not only makes me consistently better with support and appropriate challenges, but is someone I grow to appreciate more every day.

I have frequently thought back to our courtship and wondered if a decision here or there could have completely ruined my life in some profound way. Then I am brought back to the reality that a Sovereign God doesn’t just luck upon these things. The unique set of circumstances was not a reaction to our thwarting some other plan He had.

One of the things that has caused me to really re-consider this reality is the fact that we have recently been given the opportunity to do some rudimentary pre-marital counseling with another couple. I am delighted by this for at least two reasons. The first is that God has worked through us in such a way that our shortcomings have been covered by a blanket of God’s grace that brings glory to Him through us. The second is that we have the opportunity to show a young couple a few ways that God may be working in them. While I clearly think that one of the major ways He works in our relationships is through our parents, I am becoming more aware all the time that one of the negatives of The Curse is that there are an astounding number of terrible parents.

Nevertheless, I’d like to get back to what I am learning from this couple. First, I love meeting people who are different enough from me that the only good explanation of how we click so instantly is God. God has put me together with a couple who probably would not like me in a random world. Yet we are enjoying each other thoroughly in this world! This testament again gives a hearty proof to God’s Sovreignty. Also, I am realizing that some elements of a Christ-centered courtship are the same, while others are different.

It is so cool being able to help people do things to better prepare themselves for the ultimate human covenant than you did. It is tremendous to find them doing things that you would have never thought to do. Finally, it is so cute to see them do the things that all couples do and nostalgically fall in love with my wife even more. And this is yet another reason (Reason #4969) that God is showing me daily how what I did all those years ago before many of you was even better than I could have possibly conceived!


One Response to “Isn’t Love Wonderful?”

  1. Jenni May 9, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    I love you, and I love your wife, and I love that you love your wife. This young couple is fortunate indeed!!

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