Women are just Better!

24 Feb

So the girls (Emily and Julia) were up all night sick. I watched nice little kid cartoons with them, which as we all know is pretty simple work. On the other hand, Kelly was a trooper, who cleaned everything up, got them the necessary equipment and food to feel better. This got me to thinking, “Why are men and children so helpless when they are sick or when someone else is sick?”

When men are sick they mope around as if the world is coming to an end. We are useless (more useless than we normally are) as we don’t help out or do anything else. We want someone else to take care of us, make us soup, hand us the TV remote, and adjust our blanket. We want someone to cater to our every whim.

In that regard, men just don’t mature. Children are similarly challenged when they are sick, and while it seems natural for the wee ones to be helpless, there is just something about the extra helplessness of being sick that just makes it seem like extra work. Making them bathe is extra work, as is getting them to do menial things like walk to the table. So, children are also seemingly worthless while sick.

While the rest of us become worthless to society while we are sick, the worst part is probably that we also refuse to help others who are sick. While I certainly feel sympathy for my children when they are less than 100%, the odds of my doing anything extra (and considering the light workload I pull in comparison to my wife, there is a lot of room for extra work) are seemingly zero. And while children may say, “I’m sorry mommy” or “I’m sorry daddy,” there is just no way that they are going to be helpful.

This is where I must take pause and just marvel at women. I first noticed this when growing up, as my mom would cater to my every whim, even if she were just as sick as I was. As I grew a little older and was allowed to stay home alone with just my cousin Bek and my sister Jenni, the two of them, who were much closer to being a woman than I was, would take care of things.

And finally, I marvel at my wife Kelly, who despite the fact that she’s probably as sick as any of us when it happens will take care of us, get us soup, and just make sure our lives are as comfortable as can be. I guess I’m just in awe that people can call women weaker, when it is clear that they can put up with a lot more and perform better.

God clearly knew what he was doing when he gave man a help-mate. The family unit seems to have this perfectly functioning situation, and despite women around the world wanting we men to help, I think they know that we just aren’t as good at it. While I wish I were better at performing with or around sickness, I couldn’t be happier that I have the perfect companion as a gift from God! Kelly is amazing!


One Response to “Women are just Better!”

  1. Jenni June 3, 2012 at 12:56 am #

    🙂 One of my professors used to say that the same Hebrew word used to describe woman as man's helper in Genesis is used to describe God as Helper in the Psalms.

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