Great Moments make Great Memories

10 Apr

Today was the first day of AACS National Bible Quiz tournament. Many of the moments in my life that are marked by accomplishment have been around Bible Quiz, so I have a special affinity for those who accomplish great things in it. While I definitely believe that winning is not the only important thing in Bible Quiz, it is the simple fact of the matter that noone competes for the purpose of losing. We all work hard to attain the prize, though only one can win.

Within this week, several students will win an event and experience one of the highlights of their life up to this point. It’s a phenomenal thing that we have moments like that where it seems as if nothing could improve. Unfortunately, our lives are not merely filled with moments where we are at the top of the mountain.

We all have dark moments, where we do something we regret. Experience tells us this, as does Romans 7 and pure logic. As humans, we will fail. We will be less than perfect. We will fail at something we attempt. Fortunately, we are not defined by what we are in our worst moments. With God’s gift, we can be defined by His righteousness.

I’ve heard it said that a reputation takes a lifetime to develop and can be lost in just a moment. Unfortunately, that is often the way most people look at it. They will judge us by those isolated instances where we were at our worst. Wouldn’t it be better if we were judged by those isolated instances where we were at our euphoric high?

While humans may not judge us that way, I am delighted to know that as I begin to walk worthy of my calling, Christ’s imputed righteousness is how I am judged as I am heading down the road of progressive sanctification. While my future accomplishments may not amount to much, I will still be judged on something that has already been accomplished and that gives me the most euphoria of all!


One Response to “Great Moments make Great Memories”

  1. Jenni October 6, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

    I love Bible Quiz and love how you have worked so hard to make it even better than we were kids!

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