This Life is Yours!

14 Apr

I seem to have noticed recently a certain affinity for a few buzzwords. And while the specific word chosen is not necessarily important to me, what is important is that we recognize that there is a reason we are here and why we are going through what we are going through.

● Depression. When I have insomnia and cannot fall asleep, I hear many TV ads about it. Some debate whether it is a sickness or it is just a lack of joy in your life, which is a debate I really want to avoid altogether.
● Frustration. Some people have this because the economy has taken a turn for the worse and they were unprepared for the effects it would have. Some have it because they can’t control their parents (or their children—or co-workers—or boss…)

Whether you want to term something a disappointment, a saddening situation, a letdown, a bitter pill, a blow, a calamity, a disaster, a discouragement, a downer, a drag, a dud, a failure, a fiasco, a fizzle, a miscalculation, a mischance, a misfortune, a mishap, a mistake, an obstacle, a setback, or any other term you can come up with; the reality is that if we live our life working from one bummer to the next, we are not focusing correctly.

I just read a story to my son from Front Porch Tales, which on the whole I find to be a great read. However, I was kind of disappointed that on this story, Mr. Gulley chose to leave it as an open-ended negative. I understand that no one wants to lose their best friend, and I have had a couple friends about whom I’ve mourned their loss. Nevertheless, I think more of us need to stop worrying about what isn’t going correctly in our lives, and just be thankful that we have them.

I know Paul said in Philippians 1 that dying would be gain. I know that Heaven will be vastly better than anything we can imagine. I also know that life on this earth is precious. I know that as bad as our life is, we can make it extraordinary (the apostle Paul wrote the aforementioned Philippians in jail, and not one of the cushy jails we have today). Today is what we have before us, let’s go make it great!

I have a good friend who commonly says, “We get to do this!” He understands that it is a gift that we get to do the things that are laid before us, and that we should take joy in that. Yes, it is true that our lives can fall into patterns that we dislike. But if Corrie Ten Boom can be thankful for lice (which if you don’t know her story, read about her family—it is convicting and exciting), we should learn to make greatness out of what we have.

This life is indeed ours. We can make great things happen. We can create lives we are happy with. I wrote a blog in the past where I complained about my life (all for the purpose of being funny, I’m sure), and my sister told me, “You’re an adult now. If you don’t like it, change it. Quit complaining and make your life better!” This is something that six months later, I am passing along.

Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy. Go out, make your life great, and don’t let anyone take away your joy! Don’t choose to let the criticisms and hassles of others hold you down. Make your life extraordinary, and I am confident you will be thankful later!


One Response to “This Life is Yours!”

  1. Jenni April 3, 2013 at 6:31 pm #

    I pretty much loved that you went a little crazy with the thesaurus up there. Also, you have a very wise sister.

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