I know where I’ll be on Sunday!

7 Jun

I have heard that it is official that Orlando Grace Church will be meeting at a new place this Sunday! The truth is that we are so excited about this move that it has consumed our conversations over the last several weeks and months. And, to be sure, there probably is not a more exciting time in a church’s history than seeing God bless you with a physical presence in the community He has given you to minister to.

We know that our new home, however great the opportunities it allows God to open for us, will not change who we are at our core. This is a great thought for me, as I know that at big times in life, character is revealed. Many say that it is made, but I feel it is made during the mundane times and revealed when the big events come around. I think this will certainly reveal who we already are, and while we clearly are not perfect, I am excited.

Those who have not done so already, should take the time to read the new location covenant of our church, presented by Pastor Curt. I am so excited that our church’s leadership finds it essential to not waste this strategic opportunity. While I am sure that someone more talented than I will unpack these items in a more strategic, thorough, and theologically deep way, I do think before we engage in this opening Sunday Event of General Giddiness, we should look at what our leadership team feels is an important reflection of who we are that will be revealed with our move into a new building.

“We will relentlessly pursue our joy in God by abiding in Christ through the practice of the means of grace that are the spiritual disciplines (John 15:1-11).” I can’t help but think God’s sovereign timing in putting us in the new building in the midst of Pastor Curt teaching us about “Something Else for Which Jesus Cares Greatly” through these very verses. To whet your appetite, click here, then here.

“We will consistently fulfill our roles in society by embracing God’s design for functioning in each of the ordained spheres – home, church, and state (Colossians 1:18-21; 1 Peter 5:5; Romans 13:1).” I’ve seen many recent articles where people seem to dispute the God-given roles as a society. Our culture clearly wants to reject the Scriptures and make emotional arguments as to why we don’t want to continue to follow the clear mandates. I am so excited that from the very first class of Discover OGC, we promote a Godly view of our ordained spheres. In the very prayers of our worship service, we promote a Godly view of how we relate to the state. I am glad that this is something we value!

“We will strategically do our part in global missions by maximizing our investment through praying, sending, and/or going (Matthew 28:18-20).” We have a church that spends time each year to step aside and emphasize missions. And that one month may be the only time we dedicate our entire Equipping Hour to the Subject Matter, it certainly is not the only time we focus on missions. Our commitment can be seen by the families we send out, the tremendous work that our missions committee does, and the commitment we have to praying for our brothers and sisters around the globe. I am glad this is something we are continuing to value!

“We will faithfully manage our resources from God by utilizing them according to the principles of biblical stewardship (1 Timothy 6:17-19).” This will be put to the test now more than ever. We have had resources and we have used them well, but I know that the resource we are about to take on is the biggest physical resource with which we will be blessed. God is good (all the time)! This very visible reminder we are seeing will also be the biggest test of our stewardship. I also know that God doesn’t entrust us with more than we can handle with His help. So, we are overflowing with excitement as our church is being tested in a greater way on one of our core beliefs!

So, as this excitement continues to bubble over, continue to consider our leadership team’s challenge to not waste an opportunity. Consider intentionally allowing this big event to reveal our character and sharpen our focus. In the areas they accent in our covenant, we are striving to improve ourselves by furthering and re-assessing our commitment. Join us as we dedicate our building and everything God has given us to him through a program and this covenant on July 29 (if not before).


3 Responses to “I know where I’ll be on Sunday!”

  1. Jenni June 10, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Character is made during the mundane moments and revealed in the big ones… very profound. I'm going to chew on that.

  2. Jenni June 10, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    p.s. How was it today?

  3. AskThePhatMan June 10, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    I kind of continue this thought and tell how it was on my blog on the church's website here.

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