Can a Speechless Man Help?

17 Jun

Some say that life is best when you can see the triumph of the human spirit. So what do you do when triumph is, at least on some level, impossible because they have passed away? What can you say when life deals someone a terrible hand like that? What can you even talk about with someone who has gone through that situation?

I can talk about how I believe that death is a blessing or that I am so thankful to be part of a church family that handles it with the appropriate decorum, encouragement, focus, and reaction. I can talk about how some specific deaths have affected my life. I can talk about how some people have overcome traumatic situations to live better lives. I can even talk about how I know God has a wonderful plan that someday will turn out for the best. But the truth is I normally am just speechless.

This all comes up, because I’ve recently had friends who have suffered this unthinkable tragedy. Words fail me, when I attempt to give them a word of encouragement. Their children were friends with my children, and my whole family has sat around wondering what they must be going through. The reality is that life is difficult often, but it is never more difficult than when a parent outlives his child.

As I read the Bible, I learn the character of God, but I also see how God worked through an entire situation. While that doesn’t always help completely, it is a very nice thing to have. As I live life, I don’t have that running commentary to know how God will use it to accomplish His purposes. What I do know is that sometimes we are saddled with tough Providences.

There isn’t really a way to tie a nice bow on this, and there isn’t really anything I can say. What I believe I can do is pray for them and just let them know that I am willing to be physically present. Beyond that, I don’t believe there is anything that can be done. I am very glad that my friends are incredible in their faith in God. I do know that they are encouraging me, and I hope that in some small way, I can find a way to possibly repay them.


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