I’m Married!

19 Jun

Today (June 20) is the day that we celebrate the anniversary of our marriage. I have been known to say that things turn on a trifle, meaning that a small occurrence can change things dramatically. This happens in sports, it also happens in life. A few years ago, before I set out to work for myself, I came exceedingly close to accepting a job offer in Tallahassee that would have moved our little family there. Knowing we were about to have Jacob and had just found a new church, we felt we should stay here.

Now, the ramifications of that decision are undeniable. Everyone I work with, most of my friends, and my church are all located here, and they would likely be in Tallahassee had I moved. I am not naïve enough to believe that the changes stop there. For example, I am not sure my sister would have moved to Tallahassee if we lived there (or maybe she would have moved sooner). That seemingly small decision turned the course of my life and many with whom I have come into contact.

So, occasionally, I play the “what-if” game and think about what would have happened had things been just a smidgen different and we made a different decision. If my mood on a given day would have changed something that could have drastically altered my life, I like to think about the alternatives. I enjoy thinking about what would have happened had I not missed one free thrown in 1983 or if I never would have tried cross country or decided to go to a different college.

I think these things are quite fun to do, but there is one decision that I really can’t even imagine the opposite conclusion. Marrying Kelly was not only the best thing for me at that time, it is so defining of who I am that I cannot even imagine what life would be like separately. It is so formative of my decision-making and thought processes that I really cannot fathom what it would be like if I were not.

Having said this, not only is it almost impossible to fathom life without Kelly, those who know me are happy that I don’t. In so many ways, she makes me better and in the ways she doesn’t, she helps those who know me feel better about me. So, on this celebration of anniversary, I am very happy to be married, and I believe I will get an amen from anyone who knows us!


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