Am I an Optimist?

27 Jun

This time of year is usually one where I fancy myself an optimist more-so than normal. I kind of enjoy life a little more than normal. I am mostly excited because God saw fit to give me two children within four days of each other (well, four years apart too). Their birthdays start nine days after my anniversary. Not to mention there is usually a father’s day in there. I love these celebrations!

As a sports fan, I love the coinciding of all the Sports right now. The NBA Finals are quite possibly my favorite sports event. Because of the nature of basketball games, we are almost guaranteed to have the best teams in the finals, and good basketball is always entertaining! Then the College World Series is quite possibly the most under-rated sports event.

The French Open and Wimbledon make it the best month and a half of tennis. The US Open in golf is happening. And every four years we get Olympic trials (usually succeeded by the actual Olympics). We also get to see the EUFA Euro Cup and many of the top soccer teams in the world every four years. The Stanley Cup Finals and NASCAR heating up are thrown in for good measure.

People begin to make arguments about politics around this time, as the Presidential election begins heating up. Sea World is open later. This year, in particular, I am attending a church which is just now moving in to a new building. We are excited as some of the giddiness is rubbing off. Similarly, things are getting very exciting for the Bible Quiz season, and life just seems to be looking up. Work is going well, and I am reveling in this time of year once again.

Then, the pessimist in me stands up. He shouts that if I look back just one year, life seemed incredible, but little did I know that life, as I knew it, was coming to an end. You see, right about the time we start to get excited about where we are is the very time that we, as humans, begin to get growth opportunities.

So, I hope that you are enjoying your life right now. But I hope you do not let it allow you to become complacent. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” So, I must ask myself, should I be excited about how awesome this period of the year is or be looking for the boom? Or, am I an optimist or a pessimist?


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