Take a Trip!

15 Jul

I was driving down I-95 and hit that area of South Carolina where there is no cell phone signal. It was really kind of irritating that noone could reach me. Especially when the one thing keeping me awake was the stimulating conversation I was having with my friends on the phone and that idea became more difficult without the cell phone signal.

I drove a little further south and arrived in Georgia. There were billboards all over telling us that texting and driving leads to wrecks and to do so is against the law in Georgia. As tempted as I was to text that information to my friends, I thought better of it and only called them. But the guy swerving next to me was taking a picture, so that he could send it to his friends, no doubt.

Because I was in a rental car, I had the gratification of satellite radio. I was able to keep myself up-to-date on the latest news on the Dwight Howard situation and anything else that suited my fancy. I learned about a fight in NASCAR right away, and I got to hear the relative popularity of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

I was able to check email, keep in touch with work colleagues, and create and edit Excel spreadsheets through this thing called a laptop. A laptop has become so commonplace that more were sold last year than were desktops. In fact more than four out of five houses have at least one laptop in this great country.

When I got hungry, I was able to pull into a restaurant and have them make a sandwich and sides just the way I like them. I didn’t have to cook or bring food in a cooler. And, the food was quite tasty.

I have a good friend named Donna, who was telling me about when she was taking a cross country trip in high school. They had to stop and cook food along the way, couldn’t catch the major news stories until they saw a newspaper, and had no mechanism to talk to people. Traveling has changed. But is it better?


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