24 Aug

So FaceBook has decided to convert everyone to timeline. I have not heard a single person talk about how much they like the changes. I am sure the number exists, but according to a couple surveys I saw, that percentage is between 15 and 30. So, the question then would be, “Why does FaceBook press forward with a plan that is so unpopular?”

The first thing to consider is whether or not Timeline really is all that unpopular. Studies suggest that mini-feed, layout changes, left side content, creation of a “wall”, the applications (and therefore application tab), allowing non-college students to join, like buttons, photo banners, and the FaceBook ticker are all changes that were made. Most are still around, and few people complain about them.

The fact is that as technology changes, people complain. I remember complaining about Windows 95, because you had to put icons directly on the desktop. I still hear people complaining about Windows 7 and the ribbons (instead of menus) on Microsoft Office 2007 and beyond. And I am still frustrated that a 1992 version of paintbrush and a 1998 version of MS Photo Editor had capabilities that their successors do not.

Nevertheless, most of these changes are made because there are bigger things the programmers want to accomplish. While I would never consider myself a programmer apologist, when we crave and desire them to constantly come out with new and awesome things, it is necessary for them to come out with better things, and because of our natural disdain for change, sometimes it must be required.  It is our resistance to change, in my opinion, that make these complaints so common.

If you are anything like me, you’ll look back at the complaints you’ve made about increased technology and realize that most of them are things to which adaptation easily came.  The ones that we never like, we found a work-around to them.  I guess in short, after we become accustomed to the changes, most of them fade away into our technological experience of normalcy.

 With that in mind, I hate this new timeline.  Please take it away!  And since this is saved, when I change my mind in two years and complain that my precious timeline is changed, you can throw this in my face.  But as for now, I will install this so it all looks like the old wall.  And please, someone talk some sense into Facebook and do away with this timeline.


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