3 Sep

In High School, I had a group of friends. I have not kept up with all of them as well as I probably should, but we used to always talk about an assortment of things. We would go places together, we had a Bible study together, and we attempted to create things together that would live beyond our own tenure where we were.

While this sounds a bit like overactive nostalgia, I can’t help but think about high school after my latest musings. As I have moved beyond high school, most of those friends are people I remember, yet somehow I just am not that close to them anymore. Whom did I really know? Does the separation indicate that there was no real friendship there?

I heard a quote about the difference in friendships once and I found out it was a poem. While I don’t mean to chince out on the answer, I feel like there is some truth to it. Although I don’t necessarily attach a negative connotation to those friendships that are not for a lifetime. The reality is that the existence of all speaks to the fact that God has a reason for each of them.

I don’t think the existence of the categories gives any weight to those who would degrade a lifetime commitment. There is no doubt that making a marriage commitment necessarily requires a lifetime commitment, but I think back to my friends in high school. Some impacted my life in fantastic ways that are still very instrumental to who I am. Others encouraged me in great ways that sent my life in a positive trajectory.

This isn’t limited to high school either. In college, grad school, and many of the other places I’ve been through the years, I have experienced many great impacting friends. Most of all, it gives me pause. Because I know that I might be in the same position to those with which I come in contact, and I don’t want to be a bad friend.


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