22 Jan

Roe vs. Wade. Since this decision, we have had Supreme Court protected (notice, I do not say legalized, because it still isn’t legal, just Supreme Court protected—is that too attorney-ish of me) abortion on demand. This decision is one of the worst decisions (I think we can throw Dred Scott and probably one or two others in with it) ever made by a court, because they took away a group’s humanity. Humanity bears the image of God and to take it away is to destroy the pinnacle of God’s creation.

Today marks the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. The 40th, as a matter of fact. Someone once told me that 40 years was the length of a biblical generation, and while I’m not sure we can be so precise with our definition of generation, I think it is safe to say that the current generation has been diminished in this great country of ours more so than any other generation.

This is certainly a time to talk about protecting life. The victims in this mass genocide had no choice and are defenseless, so it is important to do so. However, as I am considering the reality and soberness of this situation, I am inundated with similar arguments from the President and others stumping for gun control.

I think if you look at it, you will find how remarkably similar the arguments sound between these two issues. With gun control, you have people arguing that they want to save lives, and the other side will say that passing laws will have no such effect. For abortion, you have people arguing that they want to save lives, while the other side will often retort that people would have abortions, even if it is illegal.

The ironic thing is you often have the very opposite people touting that people break laws. The fact is that as humans we have a tendency to thumb our nose at authority. This is true whether it is referring to laws about guns, protecting ourselves, speeding, or any other potential impediment to the control of our own life. That doesn’t change no matter from which side of the political aisle you are arguing.

I do not believe gun control laws are effective because the crimes that are committed are committed by people who are already breaking the law. Until someone uses the example of someone who bought a weapon without knowledge of how to use it and inadvertently killed someone with it as their argument for gun control, the argument is, on its face, silly. Nevertheless, when compared to the reality of abortion, those issues should take an extreme back seat.

How much of a back seat should they take? I, for one, would be willing to give up all gun rights if those so concerned with lives affected by guns would also be concerned about the lives of the unborn. In fact, I think that should be the rebuttal of anyone in this argument. “I understand that you are concerned with those who are defenseless being killed. In the spirit of that, we need to re-enforce and adopt harder, more stringent laws to protect them. And prosecute those who violate the law to the fullest extent of the law.”

To me, it is sad that the argument has moved away from this. When I was younger, there seemed to be people legitimately debating that the unborn were not actually alive. In a recent discussion, someone pointed out to me that no one makes that argument anymore. Rather, it is one of convenience. Imagine if Adam Lanza lived and said his life was more convenient without those Sandy Hook children and that is why he killed them. The reality is that would probably be close to his excuse.

It is unacceptable. It is likewise unacceptable that we allow “doctors”, would-be mothers, and others to massacre a segment of our society without so much as fear of law. That, to me, is the difference between gun control and abortion. In the one area, we are protecting the murderer, while in the other, we are blaming the instrument.

The reality is that we need to enforce both laws. We need to make it difficult for would-be assassins to feel as if they can accomplish something with weapons. We also need to not allow the Supreme Court to protect those who kill our unborn anymore. This generation has seen far too much genocide to allow ourselves to be callous to the continued destruction of all from within. This is why the work of adoption agencies, of crisis pregnancy centers, and of others, who can provide tangible answers to those who are with an inconvenient child, is vitally important.

I pray that God would raise up some who might be willing to help us, in this terrible day of our nation’s history, to combat the horror that is occurring. Because while health food may save lives and gun laws may promote a safer society, we know that ceasing to protect a killing WILL save lives! Do not be neutral on this important issue.


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  1. Jenni January 22, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    Arguably your best blog post. Ever.

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