We need the Gospel!

19 Apr

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the tragedy in Boston. It now looks as if the perpetrators will soon be accounted for, humanly speaking. Human justice is definitely a good thing, and I want to see it continue, but situations like this bring about a sense of awe and wonder for me. The wonder goes a little like this:

First, you have the wretched souls dripping with utter depravity who symbolize all that is corrupt in the world. To senselessly go about and try to injure others is heartless and evil. I cannot fathom the mind that wants to do it, yet shortly after the smoke has cleared, we have news agencies speculating that it is a right wing extremist. Those on the right are taking offense, because they are certain it is a group of Muslim terrorists. Now both of these positions are rife with sinners, to be sure, I find it ironic that both sides will point fingers until one side is given “vindication” and proven correct in their assertion.

This is the second part of the situation I view. Those who will sit down and cast judgment on others. Now, to be sure, these depraved people who attacked the marathon runners, baseball fans, and general populace of Boston, are villainous. They are guilty, but there seems to be something about the sins of others (particularly others that we find loathsome) that makes us joy or revel in their demise. This, to me, seems to be a necessary step of our growth. Can we want justice as God wants it, yet allow the Lord to take vengeance (Romans 12:19)?

Finally, there are those who are earthly heroes. The stories we hear about fellow humans that give us goose bumps and make us swell with pride. I heard Jim Rome speak on the radio yesterday about Paul Norden, who was the man we saw in the wheel chair missing legs being run to the hospital. At the hospital, his life was saved and when he first woke up, still loopy from the pain-killers, he was able to draw a sketch that allowed the FBI to use computer programs on their millions of hours of footage to narrow it down and find video of the suspects sooner. This is a man who acted selflessly.

As we were talking about this story to our children, my wife was able to point them in the correct direction by saying that we hope that man finds the Lord also. Jacob postulated that he may, in fact, already be saved (Matthew 7:16-20). Jacob may be correct, but Kelly was quick to point out, that it is impossible for us to be good enough to save ourselves. Paul Norden saved many lives, and it would be an honor if one day, I could meet him, shake his hand, and interview him. Yet the reality remains that his works are not enough to save his soul.

That is my rather large take-away from tragic events. I think of a song that Greg leads us in during worship that says, “No one is good enough to save himself. Awake my soul tonight to boast nothing else! I trust no other source or name; Nowhere else can I hide. This grace gives me fear; And this grace draws me near!” We all need a rather large helping of the gospel. This is why, if you are free tonight or tomorrow morning in the Orlando area, I urge you to attend my church’s conference, where we can hear about living in the grip of the gospel. In a depraved world, the gospel is our only hope!


One Response to “We need the Gospel!”

  1. Jenni April 21, 2013 at 7:37 pm #

    I was thinking just this weekend about vengeance and the whole idea of giving it to God, and it hit me that one (probably of many) reason(s) that it is so important to give Him our desire for vengeance is because our longing for justice is typically so intertwined with our emotions… and emotions do not null themselves when justice has been served. So if I have felt personal loss because of the guy in Boston and make it a mission to exact justice, there is a good chance that I will never be satisfied. It is so sensible to trust it to God. My two cents on your second point. My two cents on your first point is that the media drives me crazy, and my take on your third point is that I really love your children.

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