A Warm Seat

17 May

Have you ever happened upon a seat that was recently vacated? Did you notice if the seat had a warmth to it as you sat down? I certainly am not writing so you can discuss the pros and cons of such a feeling, like we recently did at my niece’s graduation party. I was actually amazed that some (many, in fact, perhaps even a majority) preferred to sit in a warm seat, while I remain a fan of the room temperature seat.

Nevertheless, the biggest thing that came to my mind is this is representative of how we are as people. You see, some of us leave and noone notices, while others of us leave a mark that impacts those who come behind. And while I may not appreciate those marks left on the seat, I do appreciate that we have people who make an impact in real life.

I’ve heard it said that midgets standing on the shoulders of giants can see further than any normal-sized man. While you may or may not appreciate that visual, the reality is that those who leave behind a mark are valuable for multiple reasons.

This also got me to thinking. Not just about how we should use the wisdom of those who have gone before us (as I will now shamelessly plug the fact that you can come to Stan’s Sunday School class on the London Baptist Confession of 1689), though that is very important. If you don’t know what the church believes, there is at least some measure to which you are unable to fully support it. Further, you will have a harder time ascertaining when someone is espousing heresy.

If we can recognize the incredible wisdom left behind before us, we aren’t forever starting over, as with those pesky seats at the graduation party. There is a tremendous benefit to understanding the incredible wisdom that was so eloquently and nicely condensed for us.

Yet, I also feel like we should live our lives so that we leave an imprint. So that we live a life that is noticed by those who follow us. I’m not just talking about this precursor to our eternal dirt nap, but I also think we should begin ministries and work that will be seen and followed by others.

I believe there is no positive ministry going on, at any level, that cannot be traced to someone desiring to leave that kind of imprint on the chairs they leave behind. So, as I muddle through this world attempting to do things, my prayer is becoming to leave behind a warm seat, so that others may move forward with the work and not be forced to start over. If I commit to this, it impacts the way I live, the way I lead, the way I serve, and the way I view life. That’s why it is so frightening!


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