Whither are we Drifting?

13 Sep

It is seldom that a serendipitous thought of reflection stems from a Dobie Gillis episode, but this particular question of reflection was an assignment to answer by essay just before graduation. While it is doubtless that reflecting on this thought process is normal at times like graduation, I assert that there is never a bad time to consider the ramifications of this question.

As Pastor Curt looks back this Sunday, I think it is also important to consider where we are moving forward. We are installing three new deacons and a new elder this week, so that will take the church in a direction, to be sure, but when you survey the history of churches, you find that often the mistakes or downfalls are not a hard turn of those at the helm, bur rather a slow drift.

So, where have we drifted? Well, the obvious start is that we have drifted into a culture of peace. Sure, there is work to be done and there is the distinct possibility that humans can be regressive. Yet, there is no doubt that in the last decade of its existence, Orlando Grace has become a definite Redemptive community, which you may recognize as the “R” in our PRIORITIES.

We certainly are pushing to increase our commitment to Intercessory prayer, Transforming culture, and Outreach to the lost. The leadership is committed to these things, and we are hoping that that vision is both noticed and filters down. As we are continually working toward ways in which to enhance our ministry in these ways. We don’t think this “hand component happens without Servant shepherding or Intentional discipleship. So, our elders are continually praying that they will be worthy shepherds.

We certainly feel like we are committed to Reformed theology and Expository preaching. These are bedrock principles that we believe in, stake our reputation on, and advertise ourselves as. We can only continue in these if we continue with a Passion for God and Investing in spiritual gifts. These are our PRIORITIES. This is what we stake our claim on. This is what the new officers on Sunday will agree to uphold.

This is where we believe ourselves to be drifting. If you feel that we are lagging in any of these areas, you need to talk to us. We want to know if we are in fact drifting the wrong way. Let a deacon or elder know if we are falling short in any way you can, because this is our desire, our hope, and our mission.


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